Our linemen are in place within an hour after your call. You get two linemen for the price of one – this is for both your safety and ours. We guarantee punctuality and a service-minded staff.

We assist in the mooring and discharging of ships with the tying and untying the ropes/hawsers and cables.

Our staff has several years of experience within this profession. They can securely handle all situations that may occur when mooring or discharging ships.

We have created a well-functioning standby and duty readiness. We are updated on all the new AIS standards. Our VHF-certified staff are all educated in the ISPS code and we use a portable VHF-radio on the pier to be able to communicate with ships and pilots/captains. All of our linemen are VHF certified.

We promise to have our linemen on place, ready to help, within an hour after your call.


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