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As our customer, you will get a supplier with years of experience. That gives you the safety of knowing that we can control any and all situations that may occur when mooring or discharging your ships.


Sludge clearance and felling

Garage and site cleaning incl. removal

Seaman's Assistant

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Frakt & Trosstjänst

Frakt & Trosstjänst i Norrköping AB (Freight and Linemen Service in Norrköping) is a private service company in the port of Norrköping city, Sweden. We provide services for brokers, shipping companies and crews who want help with different services without having to coordinate several different suppliers.

We pride ourselves on our great customer service. You will get the service that suits your needs.


Our linemen are in place within an hour after your call. You get two linemen for the price of one this is for both your safety and ours. We guarantee punctuality and a service-minded staff.

We assist in the mooring and discharging of ships with the tying and untying the ropes/hawsers and cables.

Our staff has several years of experience within this profession. They can securely handle all situations that may occur when mooring or discharging ships.

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